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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

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Pinnacle Studio 15.

Works well but takes some getting used to. Works well with stop motion.

Cyberlink Power director 11.

One of the best, sometimes gets its self in a twist if you work to fast.



Back in 2008 I started taking videos with my phone (LG Viewty) and uploading then on Youtube unedited.

Then I started to use Windows Movie Maker for editing videos, which for a beginner was fine. After a while I found this program too limited and invested in Pinnacle Studio.

At first it was ok but then it kept on playing up so I bought CyberLink Power Director which was a vast improvement. While I was getting used to all the new software I was also busy updating my camera equipment.

The first major leap was to get a Panasonic HD-SD10 (full HD), this was a great piece of kit, Then after a while this was a bit limited in its functions so I upgraded to a Panasonic HDC-SD909.

Wanting to expand my filming to action shots I invested in a GoPro Hero2, now this little chap is just the best when it comes to adventure filming, (if you look closely in documentaries on television you very often see a GoPro strapped to somebody's head.) I am still using all three cameras when I need more camera angles.