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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

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Animals are often very hard to film, it takes patience as well as luck to catch a funny moment on video.

Have a look and see which animals I have “caught”.

A black squirrel having a snoop around my garden.

Black Squirrel

The mouse who thinks he is a bird.  He looked like Gerald as he sort of recognized me as i did him.  After a five minute standoff he ran away, maybe i will see him next week.

Crazy Mouse

Wild life going about its daily business. They each have their part to play. The Blue Starling is not often seen. Two were released from captivity and have stayed around, there is now a third. Swallow, Swift or Marten, i never know which is which. The ant is dragging a wasp. The goldfish are eating and the frog is being a frog. Filmed on location in Portugal at the Quinta Da Horta. http://www.quintadahorta.co.uk/

Starling, Ants, Frogs and more.

Crow, Blackbird, Robin, Sparrowhawk, Dove, Moorhen, Snipe, Seagull, Swan, Fieldfare, Hooded Crow, Magpie, Sparrow.chicken, pheasant, chaffinch, wood pigeon  If I have missed any please comment.

The birds

What looks like a mix of a red and a black squirrel messing about with its mate. I am not sure what all the rolling about means but looks good fun.

Squirrels having fun