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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

    Here are some useful words and phrases that will impress people

Lipus pilum mutat, non mentem .        wolf changes his coat, not his character

quis custodiet ipsos custodes.           Who will guThe ard the guardians themselves

tempus fugit.                                       time flies

ecce signum.                                      behold the truth

praemonitus praemunitus.                 forewarned is forearmed

potius sero quam nunquam.               better late than never

lupus pilum mutat, non mentem.        the leopard does not change its spots

quieta non movere.                            let sleeping dogs lie

est modus in rebus.                            moderation in all things

lupus in fabula.                                    talk of the devil

de gustibus non est disputandum.      there is no accounting for taste

ipsa quidem pretium virtus sibi.          virtue is its own reward

vincit qui se vincit.                               he conquers who conquers himself

I am not sure about the pronunciation of the Latin words so you are on your own about that.