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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

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very nice work!!!! the song is themed well with your vid perfectly....watched the whole thing. thanx!


lol! brilliantly daft! comedy gold!


Great job James!


Brilliant road movie, excellent footage and editing on your part. I doff my cap sir. 10/10 like it :-)

My grandfather once said to me, “Never trust a man who wears elastic sided shoes.”

This has held true all my life. You can  tell a lot about a man just by looking at his shoes.

Therefore if you moved my grandfather a few decades into the future, he could say that you can judge a man by his web site. Could this be true?

Look and find out!

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Ron Chadwick


Viral video


this is awesome. i would like to hear this live someday. :)

Listen to seven V10 F1 cars go past

listen to five V10 F1 cars go past

over 7 hours of videos

F1 cockpit sound

my latest video  


time lapse


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26 Spur 26.wma 07 Spur 7.wma taurus loco.wav 09 Spur 9.wma

ÖBB 1216 series Taurus pulling away

öbb freight train.wav

two Taurus pulling freight going past


ÖBB Railjet passing by

8 wagons 1 loco

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How to use a Bosch GHO 26-82 Planer