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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

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An easy way to stop an office chair from sinking, no fur, no fuss, no mess. just follow these easy steps to a long life of happiness with your office chair.

Music composed by me but made sense of by Bryn Burrows.

Somebody stole the batteries from my grave candles and left the housing. This is a short video on how to stop the thieving cad. I could install CCTV next to the grave but that could cause privacy problems.

A log splitting unit attached to the back of a tractor. The nozzle looks a bit like The Mole in pod 5 ,  Thunderbird 2.

This is how to rake a bunker extra fast, all done by me.

Once again my mate has the staring part in the "tanking" video and lets not forget the cameo role by Laslo the Hungarian driver.

A short film about mowing.

A stealth raid at the crack of lunchtime by a terror cell to seize a non performing renegade tree. These highly trained faceless operatives carry out their work with ruthless efficiency. However not the way to catch Osama bin laden.

A quick and easy way to make your LUX jumbo lighter work. If you want the read the written instructions go to www.jamessebesta.eu/8.html   With thanks to Andreas Reismann for the voice over  www.andreasreismann.at

How to…

Part two of my "how to use" series this time i pick on a Dewalt DW615  router. simple and easy to use it is a power tool of beauty.

A useful demonstration in how to use a DeWalt belt sander.

No need to use paper clips just follow the film to make your own carbon neutral version.

this machine cut the roots out like a knife through butter. It was a pleasure to watch.

Two trees cut down and removed in a morning. Great fun watching and an enjoyable day.

Music by The Bhutan Philharmonic feat, Sipra Bose. Snakecharmer

origami boat that turns out to be something else. amusing surprise ending

How to use a DeWalt router

How to stop an office chair from sinking

Origami. Funny office trick

How to use a DeWalt belt sander

How to stop batteries being stolen

How to split logs the mans way

How to rake a bunker in 30 seconds

How to fill up a truck with diesel

How to mow a lawn

How to steel a tree

How to make a lighter work

How to make an origami paper clip

How to remove a tree root with stump cutter

Cutting down trees

Enjoy my useful video-page of “how to … “ Repair, fix, work or do things. But beware, some are not to be taken too seriously !

Any comedy effect is purely intentional ….