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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

Have you ever wanted to be a knowledgeable authority and give your company a posh boost?

From the table below choose any three-digit number.

And take one word from each column to form your own buzz word.

1   integrated          1   management          1   options

2,  overall                2   organizational        2   flexibility

3   systematized      3   monitored              3   capability

4   parallel               4   reciprocal               4   mobility

5   functional           5   digital                     5   programming

6   responsive          6,  logistical                 6   concept

7   optimal               7   transitional            7   time-phase

8   synchronized      8,  incremental            8   projection

9   compatible         9   third-generation     9   hardware

10  balanced           10  policy                      10  software                      

Buzz words

Example: Chose  7-6-6

and you have optimal logistical concept.

It all sounds good and makes your company sound

like experts in their field but in fact its all word bollocks.

You can even create your own list and sound even more

of an expert.