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video making is my PASSION and here is a showcase of my work. If you NEED a video TO COMPLETE YOUR PROJECT please contact me.

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A trip round Tesco in Littlehampton. Music is by Easy Star All-Stars. A Day In The Life. Very busy with a huge slection of baked beans enough to make any beans on toast fan more than happy. The original video was 10 mins long and not every isle was covered. Watch out for my B&Q film comming soon....Check out 23 seconds.

Music by The High Violets, X-Tasy.  Over 3000 stop motion images were used in the making of this film. I have wtitten permission to use the music and the video is all my own work, countless hours were spent in filming and editing. Written, produced and directed by Overcastwithshowers.

Still Above Ground are Ron Chadwick www.iconartman.com and Bryn Burrows of the Fabulous Poodles and Underworld http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabulous_Poodles

This video has been uploaded with permission and approval from Piney Gir

Music by kind permission from Division Kent. The video is of a short drive home from England via France Belgium and Germany to Austria. A 14 hour drive on the E40,35,42,41,45,56,60. with some clips of the highlights of the route. Of course there was some stau on the A3. All in all it was a pleasant trip.

My chums Ron Chadwick and Bryn Burrows   Still Above Ground.

A music updated version of an old video.

This was the original video with Pink Floyd  On The Run which was blocked in most countries.

Sitting in the car in the car wash looking out of the window. Video was done in one take. Car wash was in Rottingdean, Nr Brighton.

Ex Underworld , Freur and Fabulous Poodles  drummer Bryn Burrows drumming on the living room furniture. This was meant to be a few clips for another video but it turned out to be star quality on its own so i am releasing it as my Christmas video. well played old chap. Ron Chadwick was also present

A nice song and fun doing the video. This video has been flagged by Youtube as having "Matched third party content". I do have full permission from the owner to use the music.

DIY stores are very handy.

If you are unable to view this video click on the link for an alternative version.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CyzQeiCA-A   A few lads having fun on their bikes in a quarry on a Saturday afternoon.

Driving on the Wightlink Ferry at Fishbourne and then driving off at Fishbourne  to the tune of Yellow submarine. By The Leningrad Cowboys.

Just daily life going its own way. Not quite the same for Arthur but the grind remains the same.

Extreme Skiing in Dienten Salzburg  (in parts)  staring me. Feb 2010. Good snow but weather could have been better. With thanks to Oliver who helped in filming this.

Walking from Piccadilly Circus to St Martins Lane to meet my cousins for lunch.  I took this video as it was a nice day

It all started with having a video and looking for a nice piece of music to go with it, like most video makers do.

Then I stumbled across a few music tracks I loved and I looked for one of my many video-takes to match.

Soon I wasn’t happy enough with that and started planning video-takes especially for a favourite piece of music.

I then got asked by some friends who are professional music artists to make a video for their latest song.

So I put more and more effort into creating music videos and got lots of praise for them, even from some artists who I contacted and asked for the rights to use their music and got official permission.

Artistic music videos

A Day In The Life   Easy Star All Stars

The High Violets - X-Tasy

Love And Peace    Brynron

Piney Gir   Your Friends And Neighbours

Division Kent     Pat The Pan Am Pilot

Still Above Ground      Brynron

Car wash

Drumming in the living room with Bryn Burrows

I Dont Know Why I Feel Like Crying But I Do.   Piney Gir

Easy Star All Stars    Fixing A Hole

Status Quo  Big Man

The Leningrad Cowboys     Yellow Submarine   

David Bowie    Uncle Arthur

Go Wild In The Country   Bow Wow Wow

Have A Cigar     (Floyd)